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Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers of the world. While love still lingers vaguely in the air, I feel its an apt time for another instalment of lovers. It's the day after, the chocolates are all but gone, the wine is laying heavy on the head and the rose needs some water. Is that what love is about? I think not. I think however, these folks in Coney Island know what love is.

Simon Hewson © 2012



We all love and hate having our pictures taken. We take them to preserve a precious moment in time. In days, weeks, months or years, our memory fades, but the photograph in whatever form it was captured still exists, reminding us of that fleeting moment. On our travels I was asked many times by complete strangers to take a photo of them. We have all done this at some point in time. The thing I find fascinating, is that you are being invited into their world for the briefest moment, never to be seen again. I made it my quest to record this phenomena.

Simon Hewson©2011